Here’s a look at presentations planned for the 2020 CPHCC Conference:

Dare to Matter!

Pete Smith, SmithImpact

Surviving a stroke at an early age, and after years of research, interviews, trainings, and observation, Pete Smith reveals the Significance framework outlined in his best-selling book, Dare to Matter. This framework reveals the six major pillars of significance and how they can be incorporated into our daily lives.


For over 20 years, international speaker and coach Pete Smith has helped individuals, teams, and organizations improve their leadership and personal development. His experience, concepts, and tools have helped organizations improve their leadership effectiveness, elevate engagement at all levels, transform company cultures, and consistently perform at high levels.


He is the author of Dare to Matter, the #1 Best Seller in the Human Resources and Personnel Management Category, and the #2 Best Seller in the Business Motivation and Self-Improvement category.

How Sleep Loss is Killing America

Jeffrey Durmer, MD, PhD

Over the past decade, high performing individuals from athletes to executives have re-discovered the importance and personal impact of healthy sleep. Clear and measurable improvements in judgement, mood, health and finances are well recognized after sound, fundamental sleep is restored.


As innovative business leaders learn about the growing epidemic of poor sleep that undermines the productivity, health and wellbeing of their workforce, they are simultaneously confronted with the reality that American culture has forgotten the value of sleep. Consider the following; over the past 50 years the average sleep duration of working adults has dropped from 8 hours to just over 6, and in the most recent Centers for Disease Control & Prevention survey of American sleep behaviors, only ⅓ of high school kids get enough sleep.


Having addressed the fundamentals of sleep in several large populations over the past decade, from elite Olympic athletes and NFL teams to the FAA and Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Durmer has been a leader in reintroducing people and organizations to the value of their lost sleep. He will share his neuroscience-based approaches to improving sleep and recovery in large populations, which has resulted in healthier, happier and more successful people, as well as safer, dynamic and more engaged organizations.

Health Beyond Health Care: Social Drivers of Health

Tom Carter, Kaiser Permanente

There is more to health than health care alone. Health is determined by many factors including access to social and economic opportunities; the resources available in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities; the cleanliness of our environment; and the nature of our social interactions. It also includes the quality of our schooling and the safety of our workplaces.  All of these are what are called social drivers of health.  At Kaiser Permanente, we are committed to improving the health of the communities we serve and addressing these social drivers of health through our many initiatives, including those in housing, economic development, environmental stewardship, and schools.    

Workplace Fitness & Wellness Programs That Work!

Amit Sangani – Strive! Well-Being, Inc.

Employee wellness programs are the norm in workplaces today, but how do we identify and measure the meaningful metrics that show their positive impact and success? Can we measure the impact of wellbeing in the workplace?


This session will focus on the value and benefits of measuring wellbeing and will share a framework for approaching this. Successful examples from the City of San Diego employee wellness program will be shared, including how the city went outside the box to feasibly reach all of their geographically dispersed employees and departments.


We will cover the 2019 trends in workplace wellness programming and what to look forward to in 2020. You’ll walk away from this session with budget-friendly ideas and strategies to help energize your wellness program with measurable metrics for success. 

Obesity: A New Way Forward
Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD – Occumedix
Merrie Kay Alzola – Novo Nordisk

Dr. Hartenbaum and Merrie Kay Alzola will define obesity and its associated classes, as well as its prevalence and growth over time.  They will also explore the complications, increased mortality risk and impaired physical functioning associated with obesity, along with the challenges of losing weight and maintaining the weight loss.


Lastly, they will describe the role of pharmacotherapy for appropriate patients and the importance of support from healthcare professionals to drive long-term interventions.

Legislative Action Report
Faith Borges– California Advocates Inc.

This year California welcomed a new Governor and new constitutional officers, many of whom campaigned on healthcare as a pillar issue. On his first day in office, Governor Newsom signed numerous executive orders to drive state and national healthcare reforms. This presentation will prepare you for the latest legislative changes that have been signed into law and will take effect on January 1, 2020. We will also discuss trends and projections for the upcoming presidential election year and the related influences on healthcare reform.